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Hello agent master, there is a new mission for you:
Go ahead! Find the secret unknown in the unlimited floor building!

This could be one of the top fun free games which you can play as an agent to find the secret in the unlimited floor building! To finish your mission, you need to avoid the hunt by other agents, use the terrain advantages and institutions to reach the next floor!
Other agents should not be underestimated, they will actively attack you! The more coins you collect, the more chances you can solve the puzzles & go through the next floor.
The enemies you face will be more and more powerful, but don’t worry, your weapons will be constantly upgraded.
It is hard to know what the secret is waiting for you, all you have to do is keep moving forward!

**Game features of this top fun game**
Funny levels & unlimited puzzles that you can't imagine!
Pass the levels one by one & get the coins more and more!
Funny machine & whole new experiences that surprises you!
Continuously improve your agent skills & getting closer to the secret truth!

**Highlight of this top fun game**
How can agents not be equipped with advanced equipment?
——Collect coins & find the keys help you level up quickly!
How can the Key person not have a set of handsome skin system?
——Free fun game with free & cool skin system!
How can a good game be very similar at every level?
——Different maps, different machines, different escape routes!
How can Wobble Man not bring you joy and fun?
——Get the key, try this top fun game which totally free!

Go ahead agent!
Beat them all!

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Официальный Сайт

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1.0.21 (01)

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